New Navroute USB GPS Reciver GM-R800+ Waterproof

New Navroute USB GPS Reciver GM-R800+ Waterproof
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Product Description

  • Features

    NavRoute GM-R800 series is a high sensitivity GPS receiver, This product is based on Atmel chipset in 16 channel GPS receivers solution. The GPS module receiver will track up to 16 satellites at a time while providing fast time-to-first-fix and 1Hz navigation updates. It is far reaching capability meets the sensitivity & accuracy requirements of car navigation as well as other location-based applications, such as AVL system. PDA, Notebook operated navigation system.

    The GM-R800 design utilizes the latest surface mount technology and high level circuit integration to achieve superior performance while minimizing dimension and power consumption. This hardware capability combined with software intelligence makes the board easy to be integrated and used in all kinds of navigation applications or products. The module communicates with application system via RS-232 level with NMEA-0183 protocol.

    Atmel Chipset in 16 Channel

    High Sensitivity: -158dBm

    Dimension 56x53x22.5mm



  • Application

    • Land/Marine Navigation

    • Telematics

    • Fleet Management

    • Asset Tracking

    • Timing Reference

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    L1 1575.42MHz, C/A code, 16-channel all in view tracking

    -158 dBm (typical)

    1 Hz

    Position: <15m(95%) without S/A

    Velocity: 0.1 m/sec without S/A

    Time: 100ns synchronized to UTC time

    Position : 3 m CEP
    Velocity : 0.05m/sec

    Cold start : 34 sec (average)

    Warm start : 33 sec (average)

    Hot start : 3.5 sec (average)

    Altitude : 18,000m Max

    Velocity : 515 m/s

    Acceleration : 4g Max

    0.1 second



    NMEA-0183 V2.3 Baud rate: 9600,


    VDC 3V-5V


    -40XC to +80XC

    -45XC to +85XC

    5% to 90% non-condensing

    Built-in Patch Antenna




    Dimension/Weight 56mm*53mm*22.5mm/96g